bubble for JYPnation

Article 1 Objective

1. Dear U (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) values personal information of members when providing bubble for JYPnation services (hereinafter referred to as "The Services") to members, and makes utmost efforts to effectively manage and safely protect personal information of members

2. The company complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection such as Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization. 

3. The company lets each member know how it uses personal information provided by each member for what purposes and which actions it takes to protect personal information through its privacy policy.

4. The company posts these policies on the bubble for JYPnation service screen for members to read them any time.


Article 2 Personal information to be collected and the collection method

1. The company prepares a procedure for members to consent to terms and conditions of service, and collection and usage of personal information when members sign up for the services. If the members select ‘consent’, then it is considered that the members agree to collect and use their personal information.

2. The company collects the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to provide efficient services; the following personal information is collected for member registration and consultations, service applications, provide services, and fulfill contracts.

(1) Bubble App Membership Registration

- Required Items: E-mail address, password, profile information (nickname, profile picture)

- Optional Items: Area of residence (country or region), gender, date of birth

(2) The identification of a legal representative (of 'Minor Members' under the age of 14)

- Required items: Legal representative (guardian) name, e-mail address

 3. The company may collect automatically generated information such as service usage log, connection log, cookie, IP information, ID or payment records in the course of service usage.

4. The company collects personal information in the following method.

(1) Sign-up, service inquiry, event participation, delivery request, etc.

(2) Collection through information collector tools.

5. The company notifies and receives consent from the user in advance during the process of providing mobile app services, and may collect/use the following device access permissions. The user has the right to refuse consent to the collection of optional access permission information, and they shall still be able to receive services except for these functions without giving consent. These access permissions may be changed through the device settings.

(1) Android

[Required Access Permissions]

- Storage Space: Used to save photos/video/audio

[Optional Access Permissions]

- Mic: Used to record and send voice messages/videos

- Camera: Used to film and send photos and videos and to set profile pictures and chatroom background images

(2) iOS

[Optional Access Permissions]

- Mic: Used to record and send voice messages/videos

- Camera: Used to film and send photos and videos and to set profile pictures and chatroom background images

- Photo: Used to film and send photos and videos and to set profile pictures and chatroom background images


Article 3 Purposes of collecting and using personal information

The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

1. To implement contracts regarding provision of services

2. Member management

(1) Prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use under membership services, checking out duplicate registration, confirmation of intention to sign up, preservation of records for dispute mediation, complaint handling and delivery of notification

(2) Confirmation of legal representative's consent for collecting personal information of Minor Members under the age of 14, confirmation of legal representative's identity, preservation of records for dispute settlement, handling inquiry including complaints, notifying announcements, confirmation of membership withdrawal

3. Marketing and advertisement

(1) Development of new services, provision of customized services, service provision and advertisement according to statistics, verification of service effectiveness, access frequency identification, statistics regarding members’ service use, and provision of event and advertising information and participation opportunity


Article 4 Sharing and providing personal information

1. The company uses personal information of users within the range specified in “Article 3 Purposes of collecting and using personal information”. The company does not use the information out of the range without prior consent of users, and does not disclose personal information of users to third parties. Provided, however, following cases are exceptional.

(1) In case users agree to disclose their personal information in advance

(2) In case it is required by laws and regulations, or investigative agency requests according to procedures and methods specified in laws and regulations

2. The company provides personal information to third parties as follows only when members agree to it.

Provided to

Information to be provided

Purpose of provision

Period of service

JYP Entertainment Co., LTd

E-mail account, Profile information (Nickname, Profile photo)

Sign up for official fan club and Use Marketing related information

Service Provision Period


Article 5 Outsourcing the Processing of Collected Personal Information

1. The company entrusts personal information to a company specialized in information processing in order to enhance the services. The company makes service providers to strictly observe instructions related to personal information, maintain secret for personal information and prohibit from providing personal information to third parties, clearly specifies responsibilities when incidents occur through a trust agreement and stores the agreement in writing in order to secure safe trust management.

2. The trust institution and entrusted works related to personal information are as follows.

(1) Status of Outsourcing the Processing of Personal Information Domestically

Service provider

Outsourced tasks

Personal information retention period and consignment period


Cloud Infrastructure Management and Operation

Upon withdrawal from membership or termination of consignment contract

Google Play Store

In-app payment processing

Upon withdrawal from membership or termination of consignment contract

App Store(Apple)

In-app payment processing

Upon withdrawal from membership or termination of consignment contract


(2) Status of Outsourcing the Processing of Personal Information Overseas


AMAZON Web Service

Transferee Country


Transfer Date and Method

Online delivery upon collecting personal information

Transfer Items

All personal information that was acquired or generated from the user

Purpose of Use

To send, process, and store personal information on the cloud

Retention Period

When the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved or when the outsourcing contract is terminated

Information Protection Manager and Contact Information

Amazon.com, Inc. / https://aws.amazon.com/ko/contact-us/

* However, AMAZON Web Service may only physically manage the server, and shall not access the personal information of members in principle.

* Users can refuse the overseas transfer of their personal information through the company's data protection officer and relevant department.

However, if they refuse, they may not be able to use the service.

3. If the contents of the trusted works or trust company is changed, the company shall publish it immediately through this Privacy Policy.


Article 6 Retention and usage period for collected personal information

1. If a member cancel membership or member account is deleted due to false personal information, any collected personal information will be completely deleted and not used for any purposes whatsoever.

2. Personal information shall be immediately discarded once the retention period that was made known to the member's customer and agreed upon by the customer passes or when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, if it is necessary to retain personal information in accordance with the company's internal policies or the regulations of relevant laws, personal information may be retained for the periods stipulated below.

(1) Following items are destroyed after being stored for a certain period pursuant to the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. (Retention period)

- Records related to contracts or withdrawal of subscription (5 years)

- Records for payment and supply of goods (5 years)

- Records related to consumer’s complaints or disputes (3 years)

- Records for presentation/advertisement (6 months)

(2) All books and evidential documents for transactions prescribed by the Tax Law under the Basic Act for National Taxes will be destroyed after five years of retention period.

(3) Records on electronic financial transaction will be destroyed after five years of retention period according to the Electronic Financial Transaction Act 

(4) Service access records are destroyed after three months of retention period according to the Protection of Communications Secrets Act.

3. The company destroys the personal information of inactive users that have not accessed the company’s service for one year, in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, after sending a notification to the user 30 days prior to the disposal via email or other means of communication. However, if there is a need for retention due to relevant legislations, it shall be retained for a certain period of time stipulated by the relevant legislation.


Article 7 Destruction procedure and method of personal information

1. The company immediately destroys personal information after retention period has been elapsed or the purposes of collecting and using personal information are accomplished.

2. Destruction procedure

(1) In general, information entered by members for sign-up, etc. will be destroyed immediately after the purposes of collecting and using personal information are accomplished, and will not be used for the other purposes unless it is required by laws.

(2) However, personal information that should be retained according to related laws will be classified and stored in a separate database. The personal information that is classified and stored will not be used for any purposes other than those prescribed by the law.

3. Destruction methods

(1) Printed personal information is shredded by a shredder or incinerated. Personal information saved in electronic file type will be deleted by technical method that does not allow recovery of data.


Article 8 Rights and Duties of the Information Agent or Legal Representative and How to Exercise Rights

1. The member shall check, view, or revise their own personal information at any time (including legal representatives for minors under 14 years of age), and may ask to cancel their registration or stop processing their personal information. However, use of some or all services may be restricted in such cases.

2. Members can inquire or amend their personal information in [My profile] in the service by themselves. Moreover, members can terminate the agreement of use any time through [Withdrawal from bubble for JYPnation] in the services, and if terminated, all personal information of the member will be deleted. Provided, however, if it falls under Article 6 Paragraph 2 of Privacy Policy, it may be retained for a certain period pursuant with relevant laws and regulations.

3. If members request correction or deletion of their personal information, the company takes necessary actions immediately after verifying their identification. Moreover, if it falls under Article 20 Paragraph 1 (Restriction of use, etc.) of the Terms of Conditions of Uses, personal information such as member's account may be destroyed under determination of the person in charge of personal information. 

4. If members request correction for an error, such personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is finished. In addition, if wrong personal information is already given to any third parties, the result of the correction will be notified to the third parties promptly to make the correction.

5. The company handles personal information deleted upon the request of members pursuant to Article 6 of the Privacy Policy, and does not allow to read or use the information for the purposes other than purposes specified in it.

6. Exercise of rights under Paragraph 1 can be performed in writing or via e-mail, etc., by the information owner or through a deputy such as the legal representative or delegated person, etc., of the information owner. In this case, power of attorney shown in the Appendix No. 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act shall be submitted.


Article 9 Technical and management measures to protect personal information

The company takes the following technical and management measures to secure safety and prevent loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage when handling members’ personal information.

1. Technical measures

(1) The company makes best efforts to prevent members’ personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses. It frequently backs up data in preparation for the case where personal information is damaged, uses the most recent vaccine program to prevent users’ personal information from being leaked or damaged, uses encrypted communication to safely transmit personal information in the network, and uses intrusion blocking system to control unauthorized access from third parties. The company is striving to have all kinds of technical devices as much as possible in order to establish a secured system.

2. Management measures

(1) Handling personal information is only allowed to the person in charge of the task. Separate password is given and regularly renewed for the measure, and the frequent training is provided to the person-in-charge in order to emphasize the compliance of the Privacy Policy.

(2) The company has a person in charge of personal information to check out the implementation of the Privacy Policy. If any issues are found, it makes efforts to correct it promptly. However, if personal information is leaked due to user's fault or internet problem, the company will not be responsible for that.


Article 10 Installation/operation of automatic collector of personal information and refusal

The company installs/operates cookies in order to support faster web environment to members. Members can refuse to install cookies.

1. What is a cookie?

(1) Cookie is a small text file sent from a server operating websites to the browser of a user. Cookie is installed in a storage of a user's device.

(2) The cookie does not collect personally identifiable information, and users can refuse to save a cookie or delete it anytime.

2. Purposes of a cookie

(1) The company can support faster and more convenient web environment for users by saving settings or preferred pages designated by users through the cookie.

3. Installation, operation of cookie and refusal

(1) Users have an option to install cookie.

(2) User can allow all cookies through option settings of web browser and OS, or allow cookies whenever they are installed, or refuse the installation of all cookies. However, if users refuse to install cookies, it may be inconvenient to use the website, and it may be difficult to use some services requiring login.

(3) Settings by browsers

- Internet Explorer: Tools menu in the upper side of web browser > Internet option > Personal information > Settings

- Chrome: Settings in the right side of web browser > Advanced settings in the bottom of the screen > Contents settings button of personal information > Cookies


Article 11 Linked Sites

The company may provide members with links connecting to other websites or resources through bubble for JYPnation. In this case, the 「Privacy Policy」 of other websites are not related to the 「Privacy Policy」 of bubble for JYPnation. So please check the 「Privacy Policy」 of the new site.


Article 12 Person responsible for personal information management and Department in charge

The company has designated the person and department responsible for personal information protection that collects opinions and handles complaints regarding the personal information.

1. Person responsible for personal information management

(1) Name: Sungmin Jang

(2) Position : Personal Information Protection Manager(CPO)

(3) E-Mail : privacy@dear-u.co

2. Department in charge of personal information protection

(1) Department in charge : Information Protection Team

(2) Name: Taehoon Kim

(3) Phone Number: 070-5158-6918 / privacy@dear-u.co

The information agent can ask the following department to view their personal information in accordance with Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act. The company shall make the effort to quickly process the information agent's request to view their personal information.

3. Processing requests to view personal information

(1) Department in charge : Customer Service Team

(2) E-Mail : help_jyp@dear-u.co

(3) Phone Number: 070-5158-6918 (Representative Break Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM on business days)

4. Organizations for reporting or consulting on other infringement of personal information

(1) Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) (https://privacy.kisa.or.kr / 118)

(2) High-tech and financial crimes investigation division, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (http://www.spo.go.kr / 1301)

(3) Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (https://ecrm.cyber.go.kr / 182)


Article 13 Amendment of privacy policy

1. If the company amends this Privacy Policy, it will publish the reason of amendment and the effective date with current Privacy Policy through the notification in services.


This Privacy Policy will be applied from March. 4. 2024 (KST)

- Notification Date: February. 27. 2024 (KST)

- Enforcement Date: March. 4. 2024 (KST)